YOMA Studio Massage

Massage is the art of giving with two hands and the heart.



Thai Yoga Massage

The traditional massage in Thailand “Nuad Phaen Boran” (short: Nuad) is far more comprehensive than the massage styles known in the West. It is a holistic massage where all human aspects are taken into account. A symbioses of acupressure, stretching techniques (passive yoga) and working on the ten main energy lines (sen sib) is created.

A massage to promote health and deep relaxation on all levels, meaning body, mind and soul and thereby improving well-being and quality of life.

The Thai Yoga Massage is given on the floor and the recipient is fully dressed. This enables the practitioner to use his bodyweight ideally and in an energy-saving manner and carry out an individual massage.

“Thai massage is the art of giving, with both hands and with all my heart…”
(Thai massage The Thai Way)

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

The foot massage gives the entire body a stimulating and relaxing workout. Through the stimulation of the known “trigger points” (reflex points) on the foot and leg, the whole body is actually stimulated.

Unlike the standard massage, a rod is used to stimulate specific points. Then the massage is mostly rounded of with a foot bath and light neck massage.

Herbal Massage

This is a special mixture of the classic oil massage combined with Thai herbs. These herbs stimulate our own ability to heal ourselves, releases tension, regulates our metabolism and promotes the detoxification and slimming of the whole body.

Especially for back tension this massage is extremely beneficial, and in a short period of time it creates a deep relaxation and warmth in the affected muscles.